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Race Driver

Developer LanSharks

Race driver and race car management for auto racing, karting and 4WD. Track all your sessions - practice, qualifying, or a ...


Developer Cycling '74

Max contains a rich set of user interface tools, including dials, buttons, menus, and text editors. Max can control ...

Tacx Trainer software

Developer Tacx

It is essential that you always use the most recent versions of the Tacx software. There are two possible ways to execute updates. By using the ...

Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2008

Developer Cyanide Entertainment

Pro Cycling Manager is gaming software which allows you to play a lot of racing games, you can even play multiplayer games through ...


Developer EuropeSoftwares

Perf allows you to manage your sporty performances of staying (walk, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.) as well as your weight and your ...

CompuTrainer Coaching Software

Developer RacerMate Inc.

Coaching Software is the perfect tool for cyclists and coaches. A special Ergometer feature of the ...

Pluggo Jr.

Developer Cycling '74

Pluggo Jr. is a collection of free plug-ins selected from the Cycling '74 Pluggo collection. Plug-in modules ...

NetAthlon XF for Cycling

Developer FitCentric Technologies, Inc.

NetAthlon® Cycling 2XF uses leading-edge technology to create an immersive virtual reality environment for both the avid and casual biking fitness ...

Machinehead Bicycle Software

Developer Nigel Jones

Machinehead Bicycle Software is a versatile and comprehensive suite of cycling-related utilities ...

Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 Software

Developer Applied Biosystems

The ViiA 7 software offers innovative approaches to analyze your data. Easily identifiable icons guide you through ...


Developer Shasta Software

CycliStats is an easy-to-use cycling software that keeps track of important parameters of your ...


Developer SatsportsNA

Satsports is a software application that allows you to view the track circuits from different sports.The ...

Bio-Rad C1000 Manager

Developer Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

C1000 Manager software, when installed on a PC, can be used for the creation, optimization, and transfer of ...

Spinner Cycling Software


Cadence Cycling Software

Developer Cadence Cycling
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